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Tenant Application

To apply to rent an apartment or other residential space represented by Clint Lukens Realty, please fill out the application below. All sections of the application must be completed. Direct any questions to or 323.668.7500 ext 223.

Application to Rent

Photo ID

1. Present Address

2. Previous Address

3. Previous Address

Proposed Occupants  (list all in addition to yourself)

Will you have pets?

Will you have a waterbed?

Are you a member of the Armed Forces?  (or National Guard/Reserves)

Occupation/Source of Income


Bank Account Information

Please list ALL of your financial obligations below

In case of emergency, notify:

Personal References


Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?

Have you ever been evicted or asked to leave?

Have you ever been convicted of selling, distributing, or manufacturing illegal drugs?

Address of the premises you are applying to rent:

Applicant represents that all the above statements are true and correct and hereby authorize verification of the above items including, but not limited to, the obtaining of a credit report and agrees to furnish additional credit references upon request. Applicant consents to allow Owner/Agent to disclose tenancy information to previous or subsequent Owner/Agents.

Clint Lukens Realty will require payment of $32.00, which is to be used to screen Applicant with respect to credit history and other background information.

Upon approval of this application, and execution of a rental/lease agreement, the applicant shall pay all sums due, including required security deposit, before occupancy.

Our Code for Equal Housing Opportunity

We support the spirit and intent of all local, state, and federal fair housing laws for all residents without regard to race, color, sex, religious, mental or physical disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, family status, or national origin. We reaffirm the belief that equal opportunity can best be accomplished though effective leadership, education, and the mutual cooperation of owners, mangers, and the public. Therefore, we agree to ablde by the following provisions of the Code for Equal Housing Opportunity:

•  We agree that in the rental, lease, sale, purchase, or exchange of real property, owners and their employees have the responsibility to offer housing accommodations to all persons on an equal basis.
•  We agree to set and implement fair and reasonable housing rules and guidelines and will provide equal and consistent services throughout our residents' tenancy.
•  We agree that we have no right or responsibility to volunteer information regarding the racial, creed, or ethnic composition of any neighborhood, and we do not engage in any behavior or action that would result in "steering."
•  We agree not to print, display, or circulate any statement or advertisement that indicates any preference, limitations, or discrimination in the rental or sale of housing.

Authorization for File Disclosure

I hereby authorize Clint Lukens Realty to obtain a consumer credit report and/or investigation report on myself consisting of, but not limited to, employment verification, motor vehicle records, criminal scan, bad check and driver's license verification, academic verfication, Worker's Compensation information and drug testing information.  I understand that such information may be derived in whole or in part from Experian, Equifax, CIC, and other providers. Apartment Owners Association of California, Inc. is the background screening company used (

Click SUBMIT below to submit your application and pay the $32.00 application fee.  You will be redirected to PayPal to complete payment via a credit card or your PayPal account.