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Leasing Tips


1. Prepare Unit
As soon as the unit is vacant, make sure any and all touch up paint and maintenance items are taken care of. It is imperative that your unit is RENT READY before you begin to show it. With so many choices available in today’s market, prospective tenants look for units in pristine condition. Don’t let minor details be the cause for you to miss out on a great tenant!

2. Conduct a Rent Survey
Call neighboring vacancies and go online. Find out what comparable units are leasing for. Make sure you physically walk available units and see what the competition has to offer.

3. Take Photos
Take favorable photos of both the interior and exterior of your unit for more effective marketing. Your goal is for prospective tenants to want to move in right away!

4. Use the Internet
Use websites like Craigslist, Westside Rentals, Facebook, etc. The vast majority of tenants find their units online. The days of looking for a unit in the newspaper are obsolete.

5. Rent Concessions
Rent concessions lure prospective tenants. Consider giving them one month’s free rent. This is something that not only will catch their attention when searching online, but might actually be the determining factor when making a decision. The competition is fierce; make sure you stay on top of it!

6. Provide Appliances
Provide a rent ready unit complete with a stove and refrigerator. Don’t give tenants the excuse of having to think of purchasing appliances, and dealing with the headache of having to deliver and set them up. Make them think of moving into your apartment as an easy and smooth transition!

7. Be Available 24/7
The reality is that we live in a fast paced technologically hip environment. If you are not available to answer calls and emails, prospective tenants will simply move on to the next available unit. Someone needs to be readily available via phone and email at least from 9AM to 7PM. Stay connected with your prospective tenants via cell phone, smartphone, or iPhone.

8. Consider Small Deposits
If the tenant has excellent credit and has a steady job, consider lowering their deposit amount, rather than charging them a full month of rent. A savings upfront can turn out to be the deciding factor for prospective tenants!

9. Curb Appeal
Make your property stand out from the rest! Make sure your property is aesthetically pleasing to those who walk and drive past it. Nice paint and manicured lawns can make a world of difference!

10. Hire Clint Lukens Realty!
Get rid of the headache of having to meet with prospective tenants and having to pre-qualify them. Meet with an experienced leasing agent and have them do the work for you today! No up front costs until a FULL YEAR lease is signed! Contact us today!