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Property Management Case Studies

Griffin Exterior

Living out of state means I need someone I can trust to manage my Los Angeles investment proprieties. Finding a local, family owned, accountable business to partner with has been key to my success.  Preventative maintenance, compliance to local ordinancees, and quick turns on vacant units are all ways Clint Lukens Realty has added value to my properties. Also, Clint’s experience as a broker and top agent in the area make him a great resource for planning my next property move, whether its a purchase or the sale one of my assets at it’s peak.


Atwater Exterior

I own an apartment building on a quiet street in Atwater Village and reside in one of the units.  The problem: my peace and quiet was constantly being interrupted by tenant complaints and requests.  Late night calls and tenants on my door step became the norm, and I felt like moving out, selling the building or both!  

I noticed the Clint Lukens Realty Property Management signs on several buildings in the area and gave them a call.  I liked the family feel of their office and they seemed to really understand the frustration I was feeling, so I though I’d give them a chance.

Within the first couple weeks they had gotten to know all of my tenants, gave them clear expectations about paying rent on time, and who to call when they needed help.  Finally, my building is running smoothly and I can relax. Their friendly maintenance staff even takes care of the occasional problem with my unit, making my property owning experience truly stress free.


Mariposa Exterior

I live on the Westside, but own several investment properties in Hollywood/Los Feliz as part of my portfolio. Between my work as co-owner of a medical practice and getting my kids to school and sports and lessons, running across town to change a light build or show a vacant unit is out of the question! 

I needed a relationship with a company that I could depend on to handle everything. From maintenance and leasing to city inspections and bookkeeping, Clint Lukens Realty has it covered.  Their staff provides me with the detailed information I need to make the call on larger issues and just takes care of all the day to day. A quick look at my monthly reports tells me everything I know, otherwise I’m free to focus on the things in my life that matter most.