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Marketing Plan & Timeline

Clint Lukens Realty provides professional commercial real estate brokerage services for clients with apartment and retail properties located throughout Southern California.  Clint Lukens Realty has the experience and tools necessary to assist you with all of your real estate transaction needs.  We are the market leader in our areas of specialization.  Superior knowledge of the local markets and state-of-the-art marketing capabilities enables Clint Lukens Realty to quickly identify the most qualified prospective buyers for your property.
Upon the execution of our exclusive representation agreement, the following sequence of events will be initiated:


I.      First 48 Hours

A.    Immediate Access to Property Information
Within 48 hours following the execution of the exclusive representation agreement, a marketing package will be prepared including pertinent information regarding the property. This package will be electronically distributed to other brokers and principals through Loopnet, MLS and our own proprietary website.

B.    Marketing Package – Consistency in Format and Accuracy
The marketing package includes a detailed description of the property, both the proposed and underlying financing, a summary of the income and expense data, the operating data, recent sales information, an extensive rent survey, an on-site survey of the property detailing the improvements, the amenities, the features of the property and the demographic/tenant profile. This information is presented in a manner calculated to establish value for the buyer rather than to present mere data.

II.    First 10 Days

A.    In-office Agent Presentation
A marketing presentation including packages and color video presentations will be given in the listing office of Clint Lukens Realty. After each general presentation, there will be a one-on-one presentation made to each agent who has a specific track record selling this type of property. These agents in turn contact buyers whom they are presently working with as well as clients they have closed previous deals with.

B.    Existing Client Base Presentation
A proprietary database of existing clients who have acquired similar properties within the past 24 months through Clint Lukens Realty are presented the offering through direct mailings of marketing brochures and telephone contact.

C.    Active 1031 Exchange Buyers
Qualified investors who are actively working with agents of Clint Lukens Realty in consummating a 1031 exchange are contacted. Such clients include investors who are motivated to conclude an exchange by purchasing a larger or higher quality investment.

III.    First 30 Days

A.    Marketing to Existing Owners of Similar Properties

Clint Lukens Realty has compiled confidential computer records and mailing lists for owners of investment property. During the first thirty days of the listing, a computer search and mailing list will be initiated and the marketing brochure sent to those investors who have been recently active in the market. The marketing campaign will also be extended to those owners of similar properties who have been inactive, but own similar properties in Los Angeles County based on the property profile.

B.    Marketing to Owners in the Immediate Geographic Area

This involves doing an up-to-date search of all recent sales in the specific sub market to determine if any new buyers have entered the market as well as property owners in the immediate area. The buyers are contacted via phone, fax, and informed of this “new listing”.

C.    Just Listed Letters/Postcard Mailers to All Apartment Owners

A direct mail campaign will be initiated to my personal database of over 7,000 investors. The mailer will identify the specific property and give enough of the highlights that any interested potential buyer will call the listing agent for details. Irrespective of buyer calls, the listing agent will individually contact, based on available phone numbers, all those potential buyers who received the direct mailer over the course of the marketing period.

D.    Advertising

Advertisements will be placed in the selected regional and national newspapers (Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Daily Breeze, Los Angeles Business Journal, and any appropriate, California and out of state newspapers), to increase the probability of a sale.

E.    Internet

The property will be marketed on the internet via Loopnet, which is a Commercial Property listing site, our own proprietary website, and the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) which is only accessible by agents, and brokers.

IV.    First 60 Days

A.    Investment Broker Database

We will broaden our exposure of the subject property to outside brokers who have worked successfully in the past and demonstrated deal closing skills. We expect cooperating brokers to adhere to a strict registration policy to guard against over shopping the property by brokers who are not authorized or qualified to handle the transaction.

B.    Communication

We place a high priority on client communication. From start to finish, we afford our best efforts to communicate with the client on any changes to your property. You will also be provided a weekly or bi-weekly update on the marketing activity that has been executed for the property and the investor feedback.

V.    Conclusion

Clint Lukens Realty’s exclusive marketing program is designed to systematically expose the property on a controlled basis to qualified buyers in the United States and abroad. At each level of exposure, the property will be presented and perceived as a new listing, which maintains initial market enthusiasm and response. We have found this approach extremely successful in marketing our major listings.

“Controlled exposure” is the hallmark of a successful marketing campaign. Only qualified buyers receive information on the property and will only be shown the property when accompanied by an agent of Clint Lukens Realty, thus preserving the confidentiality of the information and ensuring the proper matching of buyer and property.


More information:
• Download our Marketing Plan in PDF format.
• Download our Marketing Timeline in PDF format.