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Joel Nass

“Sorry, but I’m not interested in gold mines, oil wells, shipping or real estate…” An absolutely classic line and sentiment felt in full by Joel Nass at the restless age of 19. Years later, a move across the country to Los Angeles would set him on a course that would reform and refine the intense convictions of youth. Those interim years were not spent idle, instead Joel found himself gathering a diverse set of experiences: from NASA funded Lab Researcher to Construction Worker, Photographer to Packing Plant Janitor, Big Box Construction Sub-Contractor to Subway Sandwich Artist and more.

Yet, it was not until his arrival in Los Angeles that necessity led Joel to accept a position in real estate as the onsite property manager of a beautiful walk-up in Beverly Hills. Since then, every open door has led to real estate. A second property management position in Sherman Oaks and an assistant’s role to a world class financier lead him through the doors of a residential real estate start-up in Brentwood, Partners Trust. Over the next year and a half Joel served as Assistant to the Marketing and Social Media Director and Assistant to a Founding Partner and Wall Street Journal recognized agent, observing and contributing as a group of Southern California’s top Realtors developed their own unique brand of “win-win” estate home transactions.

Having worn so many hats professionally, it is fitting that his career at Clint Lukens Realty is no exception. Starting out working the front desk, Joel soon annexed the roles of Owner’s Assistant and Interim Accountant. After a year long hiatus spent on the road with his wife performing their music, Joel returned to the company, doing maintenance, coordinating special projects and supervising property renovations. By this point in the story the inevitable next step was property renewal and sales agency.

“Real estate can be broadly envisaged,” Joel said of his unanticipated vocation, “a place to live, a home, for some it’s a mark in a ledger or percentage of a portfolio, social venue, status symbol, the perfect business location, an opportunity, an investment, a piece art, a part of history, our future… for me, it’s my job, but the part of the job I love is learning what it means to the rest of the world, and what it means to you.”

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Area 10187 SF