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Cultivating Culture: Going Beyond Leasing in Silver Lake

Clint Lukens sees possibilities. Where others see graffiti, he sees the writing on the wall for new businesses opportunities. And he partners with investors, designers and builders to bring those visions into realities.

2825-2829 Bellevue Ave., Silver Lake, Los Angeles now open for business
(above left as purchased, above right as rendered)

Nicole Deflorian keeps her ear to the ground. She listens for what would fit in a particular Eastside neighborhood’s culture . . . then curates combinations of shops that create a synergy with each other and the community.

Case in point: in 2014, Clint acquired this corner brick and mortar. He imagined the smell of baked goods mixing with the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee wafting into the air where Silver Lake meets the 101 freeway. Oh, and he wanted a wine shop. Today, Maury’s Bagels shares this property with The Habor salon & boutique and Psychic Wines. Perhaps Psychic is in their name, but Clint Lukens predicted it. And Nicole Deflorian leased the property to people who focus on visionary and creatively-minded winemakers—yeah, you could see that coming.