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Rent Registry

Rent Registry – Deadline: February 28th

The Los Angeles City Council enacted the City’s Rent Registry Program (Ordinance #184529) effective October 4, 2016. This ordinance provides that, in addition to paying the annual registration fee, landlords must also provide the rent amount for every rental unit subject to the RSO by the last day of February of each year. Registration is complete only when all outstanding registration fees have been paid and all required rental amount and tenancy information, including emergency contact information, is provided.

The 2017 annual RSO/SCEP bill will now include a two-page double-sided Rent Registry form.  An online Rent Registry Portal has also been created at to provide Landlords a more effective and efficient means to ensure accuracy and avoid any mailing delays. The Rent Registry Portal includes an online downloadable csv spreadsheet, which will be especially helpful for owners and managers of larger properties. This csv spreadsheet can be downloaded and, once information has been entered, the information entered on the spreadsheet will be uploaded automatically to the online rent registry portal. Landlords who pay their annual registration and submit their completed Rent Registry form online will receive their Annual Statement of Registration (Certificate) shortly of online submission. Much of the information entered in 2017 will be automatically saved for registration in future years.

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